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According to my mum, whenever my father had to put me to sleep as a baby, he would sing a sweet lullaby in Hindi which went like this “….mein gao tum so jau..” . This basically means as I sing you will sleep. LOL, even though the effects were questionable as my mom said sometimes my father used to sleep and me wide awake when she came to check, i guess its safe to say that was my first introduction to music

7 years later as embarrassing as this may sound, when spice girls and boy bands were hit makers. I actually had no idea who they were. this is because i used to listen to music that my father listened to. I can still remember singing along with him to songs like , Ladies Night, Celebration, Get Down On It, Joanna, Right Here Waiting For You, Hotel California, Lies and many more.

Well those were certainly memories that will never be forgotten 🙂

Fast forward 14 years later. Now my dad listens to music I listen too and its so cute to see him sing along to the likes of Pitbull, Akon, beyonce,  and many more. Talk about role reversal 🙂

Anyways, time spent will be remembered always and never forgotten…


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Hmm…wonder what went wrong today. Despite getting up at 6 am( setting my alarm too early) for a 9 am class the day was going fine. Then around noon, I suddenly get into a whacked up mood where nothing seems to be going rite. NO MOOD for anything:

No mood to eat, no mood to study, no mood to sleep. Just absolutely no mood.

Whether it was because of biology, homesickness, me missing that special someone or the fact that I was stuck in this jungle that suddenly brought out the Ms gloom and doom in me, I still cant figure it out. Then I decide a short nap might help and it did 🙂 I happily went on my way to class again at 2pm where my sweet lecturer decided to show us a video about children in the Philippines that were homeless scavenging for food in rubbish. At this point because I was so gloomy throughout the day I almost broke into tears. I actually had to leave the class to clear my thoughts. Let me just say that things like this don’t normally affect me this much. I know its sad that those kids have to do that in order to survive but the world goes on.

Thankfully classes ended at 3 and by the time I got to my room I was tired. I was in my safe haven where I thought I would be fine and decide maybe it just the fact that I am so tired that is making me feel this way. I take another nap and this time wake up with a jolt cause I had a nightmare. In my nightmare I almost died in a car accident in which I ended up in a coma in a hospital. I wake up thinking wtf, give me a break, I mean whats wrong with my mind,talk about a whirlwind of emotions in one day.

Quite frankly i’m mentally tired  and i’m hoping I  have a better day tomorrow.

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