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The cafe area. Filled with fluorescent hues of  common folk. Like me, they just wanted to spend time with their friends. So we sat and discussed about the normal things in life. Made a silent plan of starting a band. The Italian and American are going to pluck their guitars, the Indian will be the drummer followed with the Norwegian as the bassist. The vocalist is the Singaporean with hands busy with a piano. The two dancers are the Arabic and Australian chicks. Now, if all of that did make any sense. Then good! You know the plan and who is doing what.

If the pizza world domination idea looked silly, this one is even way better. Musicals are not in the list. Late night gigs would be present. Solo’s are so not recommended, however the American wants that badly. I will not explain further on his Uno man quest for music glory. it’s quite scary. Nevertheless, costumes are in the list. Think of the band with tribal warriors, french maids, evil fakir and animanics. Cheers! 😛

Animaniacs picture courtesy:  Angelina Harijau


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According to my mum, whenever my father had to put me to sleep as a baby, he would sing a sweet lullaby in Hindi which went like this “….mein gao tum so jau..” . This basically means as I sing you will sleep. LOL, even though the effects were questionable as my mom said sometimes my father used to sleep and me wide awake when she came to check, i guess its safe to say that was my first introduction to music

7 years later as embarrassing as this may sound, when spice girls and boy bands were hit makers. I actually had no idea who they were. this is because i used to listen to music that my father listened to. I can still remember singing along with him to songs like , Ladies Night, Celebration, Get Down On It, Joanna, Right Here Waiting For You, Hotel California, Lies and many more.

Well those were certainly memories that will never be forgotten 🙂

Fast forward 14 years later. Now my dad listens to music I listen too and its so cute to see him sing along to the likes of Pitbull, Akon, beyonce,  and many more. Talk about role reversal 🙂

Anyways, time spent will be remembered always and never forgotten…

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When Life Is Dull, Play Pool! :D

Hola everyone, yes its been a while since I posted anything on the blog, guess I haven’t had the luxury to When I grabbed my hands on within temptation’ s album back 2 months ago, it was sort of rare to get it here as much of the symphonic metal genre isn’t well notified here in Malaysia.

Well as a start, for those who do not know Within Temptation is a Dutch band and are considered superstars in Europe (I’m guessing with much popularity due to their on growing legions of fans). The Invasion of their music to the worldwide masses wasn’t easy though and took much time for others to recognize the talent they had in delivering such music to masses..Well, the album I have is one of their latest additions since mother earth quite a while ago and I must admit that The Heart Of Everything is a strong album with an appealing blend of gothic and symphonic metal. The songs are dynamic and super-flows with metal guitars winding around and takes you through epic journey with orchestral arrangements here and there. They have the optimum balance of melodies and brings out hooks of mainstream rock with the depth and complexity of classical music plus adding up with some darker edges of gothic metal. One main reason to listen to them is due to Sharon den Adel who is Within Temptation’s vocalist, and she’s one big powerhouse! She has a great tone and delivers music notes with lots of versatility. She showcases an angelic soprano with a powerful and yet expressive attitude and beckons you to stop what you are doing and keep you listening for more!

On the side note, Its been pretty hectic for me. In the past few months, I have been traveling around Malaysia visiting friends from all regions in the country and at the same time catching a glimpse of Malaysian lifestyle which somewhat tends to vary despite it being static in terms of culture and cuisine. Yes, its true that its dynamic in such areas, but I guess staying here for a long time has made it somewhat mundane in my perspective. On the other hand, My life became quite dull for a week or so and scared me as I wasn’t quite used to doing nothing and sitting in the house.I’m trying to change that and hopefully things around my life will get better.

I hit up with my next post soon.. Need a cup of latte! ^^

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