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The cafe area. Filled with fluorescent hues of  common folk. Like me, they just wanted to spend time with their friends. So we sat and discussed about the normal things in life. Made a silent plan of starting a band. The Italian and American are going to pluck their guitars, the Indian will be the drummer followed with the Norwegian as the bassist. The vocalist is the Singaporean with hands busy with a piano. The two dancers are the Arabic and Australian chicks. Now, if all of that did make any sense. Then good! You know the plan and who is doing what.

If the pizza world domination idea looked silly, this one is even way better. Musicals are not in the list. Late night gigs would be present. Solo’s are so not recommended, however the American wants that badly. I will not explain further on his Uno man quest for music glory. it’s quite scary. Nevertheless, costumes are in the list. Think of the band with tribal warriors, french maids, evil fakir and animanics. Cheers! 😛

Animaniacs picture courtesy:  Angelina Harijau


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Concert PosterNaa naa naaa.. Im sooooooooo excited! I got a sweet surprise from my special someone, he got me tickets to Akon’s concert!!! *yeaaaaay* ~ ruby does the happy chicken dance~ So sweet of him kan?? Hehe.. This is going to be so much of fun!

This is gonna be my first concert after so many years (yeahh, I know I sound old but the last concert I went for was in my lower secondary and that’s a long time ago!) I think you’ll began to notice that I’m using many exclamation marks already (!), proves my excitement!!!

And best of it all, he managed to get the limited edition CHIVAS seating so that means NO SQUASHY SWEATY people pushing me around. At least hopefully not as much as free standing…

Gosh, I’m beaming away 😀 And i checked out my seating: Right in the middle, looks exclusive! I’m gonna be I’m looking forward to SMACK THAT, all on tha floor, SMACK THAT, gimme summo… YEAAAAAHHH!

So look out for me on the 2nd of July, in Surf Beach, Sunway and holla at me if you’re there!

P/S: Thank you sweets for getting me those tickets, it sure means a lot for me! 😀 😀

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