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As I am writing this, I am feeling very fortunate for all of life’s events that took place for me to be safe and sound now. Today at 7.56am and 8.50am, 2 separate bombs were detonated at 2 very busy metro stations in the capital of Moscow. One was is Metro Lubiyanka and the other in Metro Park Kultury, the later where I live just 2 stations away! The police has evidence that this was done by 2 female bombers and it was a terrorist attack. 37 are confirmed dead with over 60 people injured badly. These suicide bombers used nail bombs and hexagons to increase the impact of fatality. In Moscow, the rush hour here is terrible, hundred thousands of people can be in a station at 1 time! And being a Monday morning, this was definitely a meticulous plan carried out by those terrorists!

lubiyanka metro

This picture was taken in the Lubiyanka metro station. Apparently, the female suicide bomber was escorted into the train station by 2 other females as a ritual to embrace their doings…

I have been living in Moscow for 4 years now.  It is only this year I managed to get into a hostel that is nearer to all my classes, therefore, no need to take the train station. Before this, these 2 stations that were affected, were our major destinations to change trains.

It is very sad that these terrorist groups have no value for life… Right now, 2 Malaysian Chinese girls are said to be badly injured and hospitalized here.. I hope and pray to god, that they would be ok…can u imagine their parents reaction to this?? And it is not easy to come into Russia, we need invitations and even with that, it takes months to finally be able to get their visa….

injured peopleThis is the aftermath after the 1st blast. The police believe they have found the remains of the suicide bomber in the metro station along with the innocent victims that died. Apparently, similar attacks have occurred in the past, the worst being in 2004 where 41 people died with over a 100 badly injured!

Everyone is so shaken up by this….fear is slowly creeping in because by the 1st week of April, a minor group of people celebrate Hitler’s ideology of communism come out  and they are called “Skinheads”…I just hope they don’t target foreigners and declare a blood bath on us here! Some young Russians can be very ignorant into regarding foreigners as Jews; they laze around and blame us for getting medical seats and finding jobs in this country.. (Every year, 1 or 2 Asians die during the skinhead week..)

All I  can say now is, treasure every moment you have with your love ones….normal days, when you think everything would be alright, think again!! To all my friends, I LOVE YOU ALL!


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