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The world is in dire straits. Its cruising to the brink of extinction in terms of resources. Many slogans and propaganda have been invented but to no avail.  Green meetings and green weeks performed in countries all around the world. Its hardly a suprise to see how mankind is just tearing the planet apart. This planet needs a hero, someone like captain planet! gosh, I know it sounds crazy, but back when i was school, he was hero kicking poullution’s butt, still its not like your going to see a super-strong spandex wearing man is flying around and saving earth! The whole world is like some environmentally-themed impending doom theory. hmm, if that did not make sense, lets say we’re not in a movie and there’s no simple solution to this problem. In movies,there always there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel for such disasters. Indeed, there’s really no simple solution at all since we both need to protect the environment and simultaneously can’t just quit driving fossil fuels automobile contraptions.

Well, I will not be harsh on ourselves. We are trying different stuff, newer methods to curb pollution levels have been done or proposed, still even the kids can do something! right? I mean captain planet did wonders for me and I bet that every 90’s born kid would agree that there is no modern day equivalent to an entertaining and educational cartoon in saving the world like the captain did. He gave hope to the child-based audience. Whether its false hope of having magical rings to summon him, that does not matter! the point here to take into consideration is that, he was a environmental angel. Bring back the good old fun-filled half-hour cartoon that taught kids valuable lessons that was popular. Believe that the power is yours!, you can make a difference in saving earth, besides I can’t forget those magical words:


“Go Planet!”

“By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!”

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Im back in action again people!!

Just two hours ago,me n a couple of friends headed to the cineplex to watch TERMINATOR SALVATION!!Today was the release date and we went for the first screening..and the movie was superb and brilliant!!

Well,the setting of the movie was in United States…not what you can think of,its the destroyed,perished and doomed country you can ever imagined.Its not only in America but throughout the whole world!!Nothing was left,mankind are at the verge of extinction,the environment totally destroyed and not even a single animal left on Earth!!

Suddenly,it came across my mind,that,what if this actually is going to happen to our world??and its not machines or robots BUT we humans are the cause of the destruction that might happen.Deforestation,open burning,clearing of lands,pollution and you name me more!!My heart feels for this Earth that has been constantly being hurt,provoked and damaged!!It is the Earth who has been keeping us alive,but in return,we are not doing our part by preserving it.One fine day,when the condition reaches the peak,at a critical stage,the Earth would no longer take the pain and suffering it has been going through,and finally,we,mankind,would only then realise that what we are currently doing has its consequence!!Every act has a CONSEQUENCE!!Everything done has a CONSEQUENCE!!

And then,we would start praying asking the Lord for a second chance but its too late because we humans,most of us,tend to realise things when things aren’t things anymore.I know a lot of people would be reading this blog,and as a friend,please try to educate others about the importance of preserving this wonderful world we have.Something has to be done now,so that we can avoid the worst scenario that could ever happen and we have rights…rights to voice up..could help save this Earth!!









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