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The cafe area. Filled with fluorescent hues of  common folk. Like me, they just wanted to spend time with their friends. So we sat and discussed about the normal things in life. Made a silent plan of starting a band. The Italian and American are going to pluck their guitars, the Indian will be the drummer followed with the Norwegian as the bassist. The vocalist is the Singaporean with hands busy with a piano. The two dancers are the Arabic and Australian chicks. Now, if all of that did make any sense. Then good! You know the plan and who is doing what.

If the pizza world domination idea looked silly, this one is even way better. Musicals are not in the list. Late night gigs would be present. Solo’s are so not recommended, however the American wants that badly. I will not explain further on his Uno man quest for music glory. it’s quite scary. Nevertheless, costumes are in the list. Think of the band with tribal warriors, french maids, evil fakir and animanics. Cheers! 😛

Animaniacs picture courtesy:  Angelina Harijau


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Our World Domination Plan!

It was like any other day, Morton, Riccardo and me were enjoying the ‘heat wave’. we retreated to the library after having a good lunch. There we sat on a table where we could scribble stuff and do our homework. I have to admit, the amount of assignments we are given is sheer absurdity. Anyhow, we were busy doing our homework when boredom sunk into our heads. Rest assured we started babbling out random cheesy jokes and telling each other a bit of our homelands. Morton said he was a descendant of a viking! I’m not too sure about that, but history does point out that all Norwegians in the past were vikings! He exclaimed that he would rape and pillage the whole world if he had to. I will leave that quest to him and see if he does succeed!

Riccardo had other ideas of conquest, his primary weapon was a cannon the size of a whale that would shoot spaghetti balls! yes, lines of sauce covered spaghetti to all his opponents and then proclaim europe as his own with Italian supremacy. As for me, I wasnt interested in land. I wanted to rule the seas! why u might ask? well there is no competition for me in taking over the water world! besides I will have an army of giant sharks that would eat people and terrorize any vessel floating on my domain! haha…

To make the funds needed for such elaborate plans of conquest. We decided to make pizzas more interesting for future consumption. By simply changing the colours of the regular pizza and give such a contrast to the texture, that the populace of the world would start investing on our ‘alien’ pizzas! How would u like a pizza with blue tomatoes, red cheese, white meat and the crust green?! Please do leave your comments and tell me if your interested or not! 😀

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So the mad debacle between my landlady and I has exacerbated to a cliff hanging point, which I feel can either roll nicely into a peaceful ending OR a raging war. All the more reason I should distract myself with a few happy silly thoughts and my favorite boppity music (I’m convinced I’m Yours by Mraz can cure just about any mood ailment in the book).
It’s quite curious how there are a few special things in life that can suddenly spring on you a burst of big smiles and laughter. They don’t even have to be extravagant like bungee jumping off a bridge or travelling the world in 80 days. Just something as simple as eating a bar of scrumptious dark chocolate, or listening to some boppity Mraz, maybe running through sprinklers in the middle of the night, or heaven forbid, picturing hairy men in nothing but bright pink speedo nut huggers!! Everyone’s got that little special thing that just gets them going. I’m not sure how it works, and it’s even tough to put in words the funk that creeps up on you when you do that special thing. Suddenly, it’s almost impossible to crease that forehead into a frown. Unwillingly, reluctantly, a smile creeps its way across your face… and before you know it you’ve burst out laughing and doing the happy dance… okay, maybe the happy dance is just a personal quirk of mine, but you know what I’m getting at!

I’m gonna snitch off Colbie Caillet’s lyrics simply because she’s got the feeling down in her song:
“It starts in my toes
and I crinkle my nose
where ever it goes I always know
that you make me smile
please stay for a while now
just take your time
where ever you go”

I hope you’re all out there enjoying YOUR special thing, whatever it might be! No room for embarrassment here, who’s going to know?! … besides, your happiness and sanity are at stake here!

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Whether its due to financial or intellectual restraints, a majority of today’s youth are not headed into their dream careers they believed they would lead as they grew up.Some of these youths either end up leading bitter lives or some just choose to hide their feelings wrapped in a jar.

The question is shouldnt we try to make the best out of things no matter what and not keep counting our “what if’s” and “what not’s”.

Personally I would have never thought i would be studying International Relations, but once embarking on it i have come to realize that I do enjoy it and have never looked back since, what annoys me is some individuals that carry on moping around when they have to study something that doesn’t interest them. There are alternative ways to reach your dreams and if this seem’s impossible then choose something that is well within your reach.

All im saying is that rather than moping around and constantly complaining, pick up your boots and do something about it. After all the saying remains that god only helps those that first help themselves.

The main thing is to constantly remain realistic even if you want to look at the glass a half full

After all , the fall from grace will become painful but how do you rise if you are just sitting on your ass.

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I’ve been in a melodramatic funk lately. I’ll own it. It’s completely true. Cryptic half-posts, interpretive dances, Twilight tomfoolery, or just not posting at all. There are times in your blog “career” where you just throw up your hands and say “Shit. I’ve got NOTHIN’. What now?” Who do you call when such a situation arises? The only person who will understand, obviously.

Blogging has become one of the great loves of my life. That sounds corny and ridiculous, but I don’t care. Just like any lover, we are occasionally on the outs with each other, and I suppose that these last couple weeks have been one of those times.

But we’ve mended our differences, this blog and I. I’m not giving up. I’ve wanted to, I’ve contemplated it. But I still have more to say. So, thanks for sticking around. I promise I’ll make it worth your while.

I’m coming back with a bang, yo.

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” He seems so sad! Why? He always smile before even he plays this song! Does he become commercial so he feel sad? ” – crazee girl

You talk about life, you talk about death,
And everything in between,
Like it’s nothing, and the words are easy.
You talk about me, and you talk about you,
And everything I do,
Like it’s something, that needs repeating.
I don’t need an alibi or for you to realize,
The things we left unsaid,
Are only taking space up in our heads.
Make it my fault, win the game
Point the finger, place the blame
It does me up and down,
It doesn’t matter now.

‘Cause I don’t care if I ever talk to you again.
This is not about emotion,
I don’t need a reason not to care what you say,
Or what happened in the end.
This is my interpretation,
And it don’t, don’t make sense.

The first two weeks turn into ten,
I hold my breath and wonder when it’ll happen,
Does it really matter?
If half of what you said is true,
And half of what I didn’t do could be different,
Would it make it better?
If we forget the things we know.
Would we have somewhere to go?
The only way is down, I can see that now.


It’s really not such a sacrifice


And it don’t have to make no sense to you at all,
‘Cause this is my interpretation, yeah, yeah, yeah.

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lyfe is always a new beginning for something...

lyfe is always a new beginning for something...

Every year, people around the world, no matter who you are, have one thing in common – resolution. We intend to sit and list down a long list of what we want to do or wish to accomplish for the coming New Year and usually this will be done on the New Year’s Eve. It’s neither a bad thing nor a good thing; it just depends on what an individual thinks about this whole New Year’s Resolution.

As for me, I used to list down a bunch of resolutions and yet by end of that year, maybe only 3 out of 10 are accomplished! Sometimes its devastating knowing you couldn’t do most of the things in the list but nothing is ventured without hard work, right? Sometimes having a resolution list makes me think that I don’t have much time – like a rush! Why must we feel this? Anyways, it’s just another year right? We have to enjoy the year as it passes on to another new year.

I stopped doing New Year’s resolutions 4 years back and for me, life is great! What I’m trying to say is that I really enjoyed the years and I noticed I had done more things which I never thought I could accomplish! – Heck, what’s the use is you know you’re not going to accomplish something you know you’re not humanly capably of doing?

Last year, I found love, I found wisdom, I found talent, and I found capabilities. As for this year, all of these will be blossomed and be ventured. People begun to notice me and now all I got to do is show them. I’m not going to hide and just sit and talk about it anymore – I’m going to show!

Sometimes fear holds me back, making me think I couldn’t do it and that I don’t have the guts. I will try not to make these feelings hold me back anymore! I am going to take all the chances I get and if it’s fated, I will do it! –  I guess you can say this is my so – called – resolutions ya!

So, to those who have their new year’s resolutions prepared, do it and try to accomplish everything that’s on your list! And for those who doesn’t have one, no worries because you will create one as you move on with year!

Remember, its just another number, another year – we lived or survived!






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