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The world is in dire straits. Its cruising to the brink of extinction in terms of resources. Many slogans and propaganda have been invented but to no avail.  Green meetings and green weeks performed in countries all around the world. Its hardly a suprise to see how mankind is just tearing the planet apart. This planet needs a hero, someone like captain planet! gosh, I know it sounds crazy, but back when i was school, he was hero kicking poullution’s butt, still its not like your going to see a super-strong spandex wearing man is flying around and saving earth! The whole world is like some environmentally-themed impending doom theory. hmm, if that did not make sense, lets say we’re not in a movie and there’s no simple solution to this problem. In movies,there always there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel for such disasters. Indeed, there’s really no simple solution at all since we both need to protect the environment and simultaneously can’t just quit driving fossil fuels automobile contraptions.

Well, I will not be harsh on ourselves. We are trying different stuff, newer methods to curb pollution levels have been done or proposed, still even the kids can do something! right? I mean captain planet did wonders for me and I bet that every 90’s born kid would agree that there is no modern day equivalent to an entertaining and educational cartoon in saving the world like the captain did. He gave hope to the child-based audience. Whether its false hope of having magical rings to summon him, that does not matter! the point here to take into consideration is that, he was a environmental angel. Bring back the good old fun-filled half-hour cartoon that taught kids valuable lessons that was popular. Believe that the power is yours!, you can make a difference in saving earth, besides I can’t forget those magical words:


“Go Planet!”

“By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!”


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As I am writing this, I am feeling very fortunate for all of life’s events that took place for me to be safe and sound now. Today at 7.56am and 8.50am, 2 separate bombs were detonated at 2 very busy metro stations in the capital of Moscow. One was is Metro Lubiyanka and the other in Metro Park Kultury, the later where I live just 2 stations away! The police has evidence that this was done by 2 female bombers and it was a terrorist attack. 37 are confirmed dead with over 60 people injured badly. These suicide bombers used nail bombs and hexagons to increase the impact of fatality. In Moscow, the rush hour here is terrible, hundred thousands of people can be in a station at 1 time! And being a Monday morning, this was definitely a meticulous plan carried out by those terrorists!

lubiyanka metro

This picture was taken in the Lubiyanka metro station. Apparently, the female suicide bomber was escorted into the train station by 2 other females as a ritual to embrace their doings…

I have been living in Moscow for 4 years now.  It is only this year I managed to get into a hostel that is nearer to all my classes, therefore, no need to take the train station. Before this, these 2 stations that were affected, were our major destinations to change trains.

It is very sad that these terrorist groups have no value for life… Right now, 2 Malaysian Chinese girls are said to be badly injured and hospitalized here.. I hope and pray to god, that they would be ok…can u imagine their parents reaction to this?? And it is not easy to come into Russia, we need invitations and even with that, it takes months to finally be able to get their visa….

injured peopleThis is the aftermath after the 1st blast. The police believe they have found the remains of the suicide bomber in the metro station along with the innocent victims that died. Apparently, similar attacks have occurred in the past, the worst being in 2004 where 41 people died with over a 100 badly injured!

Everyone is so shaken up by this….fear is slowly creeping in because by the 1st week of April, a minor group of people celebrate Hitler’s ideology of communism come out  and they are called “Skinheads”…I just hope they don’t target foreigners and declare a blood bath on us here! Some young Russians can be very ignorant into regarding foreigners as Jews; they laze around and blame us for getting medical seats and finding jobs in this country.. (Every year, 1 or 2 Asians die during the skinhead week..)

All I  can say now is, treasure every moment you have with your love ones….normal days, when you think everything would be alright, think again!! To all my friends, I LOVE YOU ALL!

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Simple Questions

What does a student do when the one who is suppose to educate her, taunts her instead?

What does a student do when instead of being helped, she is sent on a wild goose chase?

What does a student do when she feels that even though ending it all is a cowards solution, at times appears to be a good answer?

What does a student do when she feels so helpless that she becomes sick and tired?

What does a student do when she feels like she isn’t treated like a human being?

What does a student do when she is out casted just because they don’t understand her?

What does a student do when all her option are closed and she is forced into something she is not interested in?

What does a student do when she cant live life to the fullest like how everyone preaches it?

What does a student do when she realizes life is too short but still goes through the same mundane life?


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Hmm…wonder what went wrong today. Despite getting up at 6 am( setting my alarm too early) for a 9 am class the day was going fine. Then around noon, I suddenly get into a whacked up mood where nothing seems to be going rite. NO MOOD for anything:

No mood to eat, no mood to study, no mood to sleep. Just absolutely no mood.

Whether it was because of biology, homesickness, me missing that special someone or the fact that I was stuck in this jungle that suddenly brought out the Ms gloom and doom in me, I still cant figure it out. Then I decide a short nap might help and it did 🙂 I happily went on my way to class again at 2pm where my sweet lecturer decided to show us a video about children in the Philippines that were homeless scavenging for food in rubbish. At this point because I was so gloomy throughout the day I almost broke into tears. I actually had to leave the class to clear my thoughts. Let me just say that things like this don’t normally affect me this much. I know its sad that those kids have to do that in order to survive but the world goes on.

Thankfully classes ended at 3 and by the time I got to my room I was tired. I was in my safe haven where I thought I would be fine and decide maybe it just the fact that I am so tired that is making me feel this way. I take another nap and this time wake up with a jolt cause I had a nightmare. In my nightmare I almost died in a car accident in which I ended up in a coma in a hospital. I wake up thinking wtf, give me a break, I mean whats wrong with my mind,talk about a whirlwind of emotions in one day.

Quite frankly i’m mentally tired  and i’m hoping I  have a better day tomorrow.

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Hello all,
I have been thinking long and hard about what intellect I should share with you, and yet, I have come to the inevitable conclusion that I have none. Unfortunately excessive education has leeched intelligence from me and stubbed out all creativity of carefree childhood. It’s a shame that my first post has been inspired by something so dark and tragic as my current living situation, but I have been advised by authorities that this is a safe space to vent and mope.

Let me share with you a little story about what happened tonight. Prissy little miss landlady (mind you she attempts to salvage the little miss in herself to no avail – fighting age is always a losing battle) came knocking on my door saying “I don’t understand why you need to sleep with the fan on all night if you are blanketing yourself”. She looks at me with a very justified look on her face and blinks a couple times. I am completely taken aback and unsure of how to respond for several obvious reasons – I also stare at her, with more of a blank look and blink a couple times. She blabs on about the utility bills as though I should care about them. I do a quick mental check; yes utilities ARE included in my rent, and rent is WAY more than enough to cover the bills she is quoting plus plenty leftover.
As she continues to blab, my anxiety and frustration builds while a little scuffle goes on in my head deciding how to appropriately react to this. I want to be nice, but then that’s been the game plan since moving in and playing ‘yes-woman’ appears to be ineffective in letting her know how ridiculous she’s being. Should I be a little more assertive, maybe yell a little, show a little bit of colour? But then, it’s best not to aggravate her. I do not like conflict or dealing with yucky negative vibes, especially when I have to live with it.

As always, the peacekeeper in me takes over and in a very calm and matter-of- fact tone, I respond “Well. It’s because I fall asleep with the fan on, and don’t wake up until the morning to turn off the fan”. To which she responds, “Do you need to fall asleep with the fan on when it’s so cool outside?” And I repeat that well, it’s hot when i go to sleep so I do… But maybe you can Try sleeping with the fan off… … … you can imagine the very civilized but strained back-and-forth dialogue that ensued. Am I really having this conversation? REALLY? Mind you, all this is said with her sickly patronizing tone and that pretentiously fake diplomacy in her voice. I give in and agree. I shut the door and feel a little uncertain if I should scream or cry. It’s tough holding in anger and frustration while keeping a relatively neutral expression and tone of voice.
So tomorrow morning I am expecting her to be listening outside my door while I sleep, to hear if the fan is still on and if so, maybe even opening the door to peep in to see if I am blanketing myself. How pleasant. When she goes downstairs she will find a lovely letter from my housemate and I requesting a house meeting when she gets home from work. It’s time to pull out the big guns and quote what’s mandated in the contract. Perhaps express the discomfort I experience when she chastises us like 5-year-olds every day. Hopefully she will choke to death on her saliva while she sleeps and none of this will even be necessary.
P.s. I have so many more rants on this issue, but for your reading pleasure I shall attempt at more lighthearted posts in the future =)

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  On July 29,2009 a Muslim model was sentenced to six lashes and a fine of 5,000 ringgit for consuming beer in a nightclub. Just two weeks after, we have a political feud regarding the sale of alcohol in convenience stores. Their justification for rising up the issue (after so many years it being sold in such stores) is firstly; the sentiments of the area being a Muslim-dominated neighbourhood and secondly; drinking among schoolchildren and undergraduates is getting out of hand.

  The shallowness of such thoughts surprises me. Based on their first reason, Kamil Hafidh wrote “Resolve beer issue with an open mind” (The Star, Aug 6) which expresses exactly what I feel. I believe that it is the faith of Islam that should stop a Muslim from purchasing and consuming alcohol, not the unavailability to buy it. People who crave for beer will eventually find their way to buy beers if they want too, because as these leaders themselves admit that there are other ways for people to purchase it. 

  Secondly, if they are worried about the consumption of alcohol among youths, why aren’t they taking any measures on beer advertisements which are already proven to have an influence. Advertisers create images that compel us to buy the product, and these advertisements are allowed on main stream media such as newspapers as well as in the cinema where youngsters are exposed too. With the vulnerability of youths and the creation of a perception that drinking is cool, how can any party possibly curb the intake of alcohol? 

  The part-time model Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno’s incident was “aimed at making the accused repent and serves as a lesson to other Muslims,” quoted Judge Abdul Rahman Yunus as saying. My only question is, when will we ever learn that we cannot stop anyone from doing something through the manipulation of fear. One has to make their own decision, based on the their conscious and faith whether to indulge in something or to avoid it altogether.

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Being of human race, we all tend to forget ;from the biggest to the smallest events that has taken place in our life.

We forget to be grateful-we forget to thank god for giving us another day to love and cherish someone,to make ourselves better in every way possible.We forget to shower our love upon someone we truly care.We are just humans after all,there’s so much a person can do in a day?

Some need to be enlighten to notice this,some get it on a plate.I, for a fact,had to face an almost fatal accident to know this;what i mean to myself,and everyone around me.I feel truly blessed of being alive everyday,being happy with what i have.In a month,my whole world went chaos,I lost my identity and someone I cared about.Maybe it’s my karma,I had to pay for something I’ve done to a particular person or to a whole group of people.I don’t know and now, I frankly don’t care.Thanks to lord shiva-I’m gifted with a new life and I shall help everyone in my way to know how beautiful life is.

Don’t waste your chance 🙂

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