Beauty in boredom

Its been 2 years already that I have endured in  this jungle of mine. I still remember when I first received news about my acceptance in a local university, The thrill buzzing in my head and I didn’t care about anything else until I got here. I have always dreamed about the university experience; the friend, the parties, the life (lol..partially blame tv for this).

That was until I came here.

During my adjustment period the  reality of this place did not hit me as I was still excited. But then, I slowly realized that even the nearest form of entertainment or fast food was about 2 hours away by public transport. The horror! Well I have manage to survive with a year remaining and I can proudly say that my eyes have opened to natures beauty. 🙂

In my opinion, a nature lover would really enjoy living here. As a city girl, I would have not imagined seeing  monkeys roaming freely nor species of  bugs and birds up this close! Even the beautiful colors of the skies are amazing as the sun goes down and not to mention the amount of stars at night.  It almost appears as if a child accidentally dropped a whole bottle of sparkles on a black canvas.  As I enjoy natures beauty,  I can say that  this place has taught me many things.

However I honestly can’t wait to get home, as they say you can take the girl out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the girl.

Photo: Laveen’s phone camera


The world is in dire straits. Its cruising to the brink of extinction in terms of resources. Many slogans and propaganda have been invented but to no avail.  Green meetings and green weeks performed in countries all around the world. Its hardly a suprise to see how mankind is just tearing the planet apart. This planet needs a hero, someone like captain planet! gosh, I know it sounds crazy, but back when i was school, he was hero kicking poullution’s butt, still its not like your going to see a super-strong spandex wearing man is flying around and saving earth! The whole world is like some environmentally-themed impending doom theory. hmm, if that did not make sense, lets say we’re not in a movie and there’s no simple solution to this problem. In movies,there always there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel for such disasters. Indeed, there’s really no simple solution at all since we both need to protect the environment and simultaneously can’t just quit driving fossil fuels automobile contraptions.

Well, I will not be harsh on ourselves. We are trying different stuff, newer methods to curb pollution levels have been done or proposed, still even the kids can do something! right? I mean captain planet did wonders for me and I bet that every 90’s born kid would agree that there is no modern day equivalent to an entertaining and educational cartoon in saving the world like the captain did. He gave hope to the child-based audience. Whether its false hope of having magical rings to summon him, that does not matter! the point here to take into consideration is that, he was a environmental angel. Bring back the good old fun-filled half-hour cartoon that taught kids valuable lessons that was popular. Believe that the power is yours!, you can make a difference in saving earth, besides I can’t forget those magical words:


“Go Planet!”

“By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!”

Reading about Perth, the most isolated city with a tiny population of 1.7 million, gave me butterflies in my stomach. The big city lifestyle has always appealed to me, and the thought of moving to an “ulu-ulu” (I think this literally translates to “up the river”, but refers to really isolated booney places in malay) place was absolutely terrifying. I sought solace in the fact that I would be too caught up in postgrad studies to even realize where I was. It’s an amazing 3 year program (I kid you not), after which the world would be yet again my stage.

But having been here a good chunk of time, I feel so comfortable. Friend of mine even goes as far as saying it’s simply “perfect” here. You might say, well, nothing in this world is perfect. But wait till you come to Perth – it sure builds at least the illusion of perfection. I think what stops me in my tracks every time is just how beautiful Western Australia is. Ever been on those vacations at very chilled out resort places and thought to yourself: “Gee, I could definitely live here”. Well, that’s exactly how I feel in Perth. The warm sun, the crashing surf, the vast wilderness and bush, and of course enough of a metropolitan city feel so you don’t feel like you’re perpetually stuck in the bush. I feel like there’s just so much to do. The possibilities are endless. Whether it’s a wholesome cycle to Fremantle, a long run along the Swan River, trying out breakfast at a beachside café and then lazing on the beach, or road tripping down to the Margaret River wine region with a bunch of good friends – there’s so much to enjoy and indulge in. I love being on the move and just enjoying life – doing, seeing, feeling, tasting, listening, the list goes on… It doesn’t take a bustling NYC that doesn’t sleep to entertain me – no, actually that would probably just tire me out.

I think there’s a huge difference in being entertained and actively enjoying or engaging in entertainment. There’s a very passive quality to being entertainment and I think it’s a bit like succumbing to something. I find it happens in big city cultures, where you’re constantly surrounded by a sea of people, and groupthink comes into play. It sort of feels like you’ve disjointed from yourself, and you sort of let it happen to you. I love when I get to engage and participate in my entertainment. It’s just nice when you don’t feel like you’re just drifting with the crowd and getting caught up in a massive hype that you don’t even understand. There’s so much more room for creativity and individuality when you get to create your own fun. It feels like you own it, and that makes you savour it all the more. Perth sort of gives me that space to create my own entertainment. I still haven’t pinpointed exactly what about it allows me to do that, but I sure do love it!

But really, it’s been 3 months that I’ve been here. Who’s to say I will still enjoy it as much here 3 years down the road. I wonder where the wind will blow me next, or will it? I’ve always had a bit of an itch keeping my feet moving. My mum says it’s like she’s still chasing after a toddler. But that’s the way to keep meeting people of all different shapes, sizes and perspectives. When my world collides with others’ and my eyes are opened up to their viewpoints – that’s what makes me happy.

Photo by: Furiousxr

The cafe area. Filled with fluorescent hues of  common folk. Like me, they just wanted to spend time with their friends. So we sat and discussed about the normal things in life. Made a silent plan of starting a band. The Italian and American are going to pluck their guitars, the Indian will be the drummer followed with the Norwegian as the bassist. The vocalist is the Singaporean with hands busy with a piano. The two dancers are the Arabic and Australian chicks. Now, if all of that did make any sense. Then good! You know the plan and who is doing what.

If the pizza world domination idea looked silly, this one is even way better. Musicals are not in the list. Late night gigs would be present. Solo’s are so not recommended, however the American wants that badly. I will not explain further on his Uno man quest for music glory. it’s quite scary. Nevertheless, costumes are in the list. Think of the band with tribal warriors, french maids, evil fakir and animanics. Cheers! 😛

Animaniacs picture courtesy:  Angelina Harijau

As I am writing this, I am feeling very fortunate for all of life’s events that took place for me to be safe and sound now. Today at 7.56am and 8.50am, 2 separate bombs were detonated at 2 very busy metro stations in the capital of Moscow. One was is Metro Lubiyanka and the other in Metro Park Kultury, the later where I live just 2 stations away! The police has evidence that this was done by 2 female bombers and it was a terrorist attack. 37 are confirmed dead with over 60 people injured badly. These suicide bombers used nail bombs and hexagons to increase the impact of fatality. In Moscow, the rush hour here is terrible, hundred thousands of people can be in a station at 1 time! And being a Monday morning, this was definitely a meticulous plan carried out by those terrorists!

lubiyanka metro

This picture was taken in the Lubiyanka metro station. Apparently, the female suicide bomber was escorted into the train station by 2 other females as a ritual to embrace their doings…

I have been living in Moscow for 4 years now.  It is only this year I managed to get into a hostel that is nearer to all my classes, therefore, no need to take the train station. Before this, these 2 stations that were affected, were our major destinations to change trains.

It is very sad that these terrorist groups have no value for life… Right now, 2 Malaysian Chinese girls are said to be badly injured and hospitalized here.. I hope and pray to god, that they would be ok…can u imagine their parents reaction to this?? And it is not easy to come into Russia, we need invitations and even with that, it takes months to finally be able to get their visa….

injured peopleThis is the aftermath after the 1st blast. The police believe they have found the remains of the suicide bomber in the metro station along with the innocent victims that died. Apparently, similar attacks have occurred in the past, the worst being in 2004 where 41 people died with over a 100 badly injured!

Everyone is so shaken up by this….fear is slowly creeping in because by the 1st week of April, a minor group of people celebrate Hitler’s ideology of communism come out  and they are called “Skinheads”…I just hope they don’t target foreigners and declare a blood bath on us here! Some young Russians can be very ignorant into regarding foreigners as Jews; they laze around and blame us for getting medical seats and finding jobs in this country.. (Every year, 1 or 2 Asians die during the skinhead week..)

All I  can say now is, treasure every moment you have with your love ones….normal days, when you think everything would be alright, think again!! To all my friends, I LOVE YOU ALL!

Simple Questions

What does a student do when the one who is suppose to educate her, taunts her instead?

What does a student do when instead of being helped, she is sent on a wild goose chase?

What does a student do when she feels that even though ending it all is a cowards solution, at times appears to be a good answer?

What does a student do when she feels so helpless that she becomes sick and tired?

What does a student do when she feels like she isn’t treated like a human being?

What does a student do when she is out casted just because they don’t understand her?

What does a student do when all her option are closed and she is forced into something she is not interested in?

What does a student do when she cant live life to the fullest like how everyone preaches it?

What does a student do when she realizes life is too short but still goes through the same mundane life?



my viking princess

Hi everyone! I am a first time blogger and was invited here out of sheer trust from Promethius! Thank you and I hope to deliver good stories of my life to help anyone who is in need for a “pick-me-up”! 😉

Since it is my 1st time, I thought I would dedicate this to my dog, Olga. She was a giant breed St.Bernard that weighed a massive 45kgs. She passed away peacefully on the 19th of February 2010 at 4.30 pm.

I still remember the 1st time I fell in love with her. It was just before I joined UCSI in 2004. I think mum and I had a fight, and she was feeling really bad. So, she took me to a pet store in some remote area of Puchong (till this very day, I don’t really know how we managed to get there!). I had mixed feelings when I saw that pet shop because, 1) most of the puppies were long coat dogs and in malaysian weather, that is just downright cruel!  2) it was in such a remote area, that animal cruelty would go unnoticed!

But there I was, standing in front of the shop; in front of a play pen of st.bernard puppies to be exact and OH MY GOD, I saw big-butted, small creatures hopping and galloping in there! I had my eye on this particular puppy that was bullying everyone in the play pen-practically stomping on them! None of the others could compete in it’s vigour and voice!!  I just couldn’t help myself from picking it up and just as I was hugging her,  a warm  liquid dripped down my shirt….IT peed on me!!!!   LOL!  But there and then I told my mother that she was the one for me! Crazy, I know….but i saw her true colours that day;  fiesty, bigger-than-life, loud girl but also a scared emotional wreck–just like her owner! ;P

When you finally figure out the true personality of the person you like, it just makes them so much more attractive than the 1st time you laid eyes on him/her/it!  Isn’t that the true joy of life?

Happy weekend! 🙂